Robert E. Murray

A message from our Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Murray Energy Corporation, along with its Subsidiary Companies, is proud to provide low cost, reliable, and high quality coal supplies to our electric utility customers, with safety as our top priority.

Over the past three decades, Murray Energy has positioned itself as one of the most reliable and efficient coal producers in America. Our focus on safety, efficiency, and strategy has positioned Murray Energy to survive the very difficult coal marketplace.

Indeed, our industry is embattled from excessive federal government regulations from the Obama Administration and by the increased use of natural gas for the generation of electricity. In my sixty-one years of coal mining experience, I have never before seen the destruction of an industry that we saw during the Obama presidency with reliable, low cost electric power also being eliminated.

But, protecting and preserving the coal industry is a human issue to me, as I know the names of many of the Americans whose jobs and family livelihoods have been destroyed by the federal government’s failed anti-coal policies and senseless regulations. They are our employees.

Americans must understand that the closure of 411 coal-fired power plants, over 100,000 megawatts, by the Obama Administration jeopardizes the reliability of our electric power grid and the low cost of electricity. This destruction of our industry will hurt poor families the worst and make the manufacturing of American products less competitive in the world marketplace. Low cost electricity, a staple of our lives, is threatened.

Murray Energy Corporation, however, is designed to withstand these challenges, as we consistently focus on safety, efficiency, strategy, and low cost coal and transportation for our electricity generating customers.

We will continue to fight for low cost electricity in our Country and for our employees’ jobs and lives. We thank you for your interest in Murray Energy Corporation.